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Thursday, June 01, 2006


You may (or may not) have not- iced that after weeks of obses- sion, I haven't posted recently about running. That's because the last time I posted about running was the last time I did any, at least of any significant length. I'd been sore after that 14-miler, but it was the four miles I muscled painfully through the next Tuesday (before my last Sandusky lecture) that let me know something was pretty wrong. I took the rest of the week off running, still intending to do my 20-mile "peak" the next Sunday, but ended up still too sore to want to risk it.

The weird thing is that I have no idea what caused the pain. It was in my right leg, above my knee, and felt like I'd pulled a muscle deep in my leg that connected the inside of my knee to the outside of my hip. The muscle seems to be involved in stabilization more than anything; I still feel it occasionally if I shift my weight to my left leg after resting on my right.

Last week, for the first time, it felt good enough to run on. I did a few very short runs early in the week, which felt okay if not great. Sunday, Bryant and I ran four miles with my dad, which felt pretty good.

The marathon is this Sunday.

To add to the drama, I am ill, smitten Monday with some inexplicable sore throat/chest congestion/body aching nightmare bug. My cough is much worse today... but I'm maintaining hope that I'll be well by Sunday.

This marathon appears, thus far, to be ill-fated. Hopefully things will look sunnier on Sunday.


Carissa J said...

Oh, Ceri! Good luck! There's nothing worse than missing out on a marathon you've actually trained for. I'm sorry for the setbacks and I'll be thinking of you on Sunday.

Jeff said...

Well, maybe not "worse", but maybe nearly as bad is running a marathon you haven't trained for. Whatever.

Yes, hello. May the Serenity Prayer be especially close. Good luck!

Angela said...

i think you are awesome, ceri. definitely hardcore. how was it? i'm definitely thinking of you are you are probably recovering now.