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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mille di fiori

A few weeks ago, Teri was telling me about the lilacs in Walla Walla, and I said we didn't have them here. Of course I was wrong; they just hadn't bloomed yet and I didn't recognize their leaves.

I didn't take any pic- tures of the great flower explo- sion that start- ed in April (it seems I was running, and therefore camera-less whenever I saw the most impressive blooms), but here is some documentation of the tail end.


bryant said...

Often when I am running I wish I had a camera with me. I think I should get a little fleece bag for my camera so I can take it without scratching it in my camelbak.

Thanks for the flower pictures.

Carissa J said... far, we only have tulips here. I love lilacs.

and yes, I've also wished for a camera while running...

Nancy said...

Ummm, I can almost smell the lilacs.