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Friday, April 14, 2006


A few are obvious: the warmer temper- atures, the longer days, and the budding trees and blooming flowers, for starters. Here, however, are a few slightly more subtle signs that it's really spring in BG:

1. Gale force winds. Ohio may be short on hills, but 39 mph gusts have surprisingly similar effects on a runner. It was hardest running against them, of course (uphill), but they proved challenging even when I was running with them (downhill); one gust propelled me forcefully across an intersection with barely enough time to check both directions. The don't call it Blowing Green for nothin'.

2. Thunderstorms! One woke me up this morning, which, as any of you who have tried to, know, is not terribly easy to do.

3. Runner's tan. It's been warm enough to wear shorts and tank tops, and my pallidity is slowly decreasing. Probably too slowly to be noticeable in this picture, which also doesn't quite show the sweet sock line I've been developing (extra sexy with a skirt and heels!). Also visible is the stunning "black toenail," which is actually purple and another sign that it is, indeed, training season.

4. Biking weather. Some people apparently don't believe in riding in the snow. Or the rain. Or, say, the months between October and April. That's how long my neighbor's bike was parked in my spot on the porch. Then, Thursday morning when I headed for work at 8:30, it had been extracted from behind mine and locked to his own pole. I find it unlikely that the neighbor had ridden anywhere and returned that early in the morning; I think a more likely explanation is that he intended to ride, discovered his chain was rusted solid after six months of disuse, and abandoned the plan. It's a nice enough bike; hopefully he'll be able to fix it and use it this spring and summer. Or if not, at least have the sense to leave it immobile in his own spot.

And, finally, 5. My taxes are done! For one of my jobs I'm technically self-employed, which generally means I owe hundreds of dollars each April (and thus tend to put off filing for as long as possible). This year, however, not only did I not work as many hours at that job, due to the other two, but I was old enough (and poor enough) to take the EIC! I was surprised that Bryant had been able to take it, because I'd thought it pretty much required having children, but then I looked into it* and remembered that the reason I hadn't been able to take it last year was not necessarily that I was childless, but that I was too young. I think you can claim it younger if you do have kids; otherwise, the cut-off is 25. I'm going to call it a major adult milestone.

Ahhh... spring.

* I've done my taxes with a pencil and printed forms, self-employment and all, for the past five years. I know more about taxes than is probably healthy, and am still slightly paranoid and undoubtedly missing some possible break. This year, however, Bryant convinced me to use H&R Block's preparation and e-file service. It was totally free, matched up with the hard copy of the 1040 I'd already started, and calculated my EIC automatically! I think I'm hooked.


Adrianna said...

Judging by your list of "Best Places to Live According to Ceri's Split Personality," looks like you'd better take Arizona... Or make a late application to Southern Oregon University. : )

Nancy said...

Well, all the marathon talk finally seeped down into my subconscious and I dreamt last night that I ran a race!

Cerise said...

Ahhh... don't I wish SOU offered a PhD in Art History! And Mom, if Dad's knees don't hold up, maybe you can take his place. ;)