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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The best part of waking up

Last Thursday morning, I fell out of bed. I landed painlessly with a comforter-wrapped thump, glad only that I appeared not to have flattened my lamp. Still bundled in the comforter, I got back into bed. Yes, the sun was up and I'd had my eyes open momentarily, but I'm not one to give up those minutes of sleep before the alarm goes off, so I curled back up and fell asleep.

The event gave me the giggles whenever I thought of it throughout the day and week. I put it on my scratch pad with a few other things that had amused me:

Fell out of bed
Heard about the puppies
Chapstick in pocket
Orange tan girl

I'm still not sure quite how I managed to fall out; I haven't, to my memory, since I was about four. I just know that I rolled over, and suddenly there wasn't any bed under me. I'd like to think that I had a split second of that dream-falling sensation before I hit the ground, but I'm not sure. I was definitely startled and a little disoriented; I jumped (comforter-wrapped) back into bed like there were monsters under there. But instead of using the energy to shower and get ready for work, as I mentioned, I just slept off the scare--and laughed about it later.

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