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Saturday, March 25, 2006

That's me in the corner...

Ellen reminded me to take the keychain camera on my last trip, hoping, I think, for spinning palm trees, ocean, and the like. Sadly, although I did take the camera--and subsequent low-fi photos--very few seem actually to have turned out. Somehow my shots of the Dayton sunset from the airport window (the beeping of my tiny white box prompting, at least in my imagination, the vigilant stares of those around me as I held it up to the glass) and glowing citrus in Loma Linda vanished without a trace. I'm especially sad to have lost the documentation of the latter; Bryant and I picked grapefruit along the side of the road and oranges in City Park (where he put me on his shoulders and ran me into the branches until I had collected a sufficient number).

What I do have is the above shot of a coffee shop in Portland the day before the Wonder Wedding, this cappuccino from the fabulous and quirky Breadboard Ashland restaurant on the trip north, and Bryant sleeping as I drove Harriet back to California. I'm sure that Bryant will be able to provide more compre- hensive photographic documentation of the trip later, since his camera didn't seem to be eating its photos.
And so, approx- imately ten days, 2500 miles of driving, four states, one wedding, many wonderful meals, and several old friends (including Adrianna--in person, after nearly 15 years!) later, I'm back in Ohio. I had to be back to give a midterm exam at 10:00 this morning, which is significantly less desirable than, say, sleeping in and eating my mom's cinnamon rolls in the desert sunshine--but does mean this semester is over halfway done. Only seven weeks until finals--and more driving and west-coasting!

In the meantime, back at home base, I'll try to be more regular with the posts. Thanks to those of you who missed me!


nancy said...

Whoo-hoo! It's good to have a new post from you.

Cerise said...

Thanks, Mom. =)

Angela said...

yeah! your trips always sound fabulous. i still can't get over picking oranges in a city park and grapefruit on the side of the road. that's incredible.

Ellen said...

the keychain camera takes great pictures...i mean, the pictures look way cool. i was at walgreen's and almost bought myself one...but decided that i should just use my other camera.