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Monday, February 06, 2006

It's official!

$70 says I'm going to run San Diego in June. And you can, too! The early registration deadline has been extended until the 7th of this month (that's tomorrow). It is a little on the spendy side, but these Rock 'n' Roll marathons are supposed to be especially fun because of the musical entertainment provided by bands along the entire course, as well as the concert at the end (kept a secret, but historically by some big names).

I know that some of you cynical types are wondering how anything involving running for four hours can possibly be classified as "fun," but Lincoln two years ago was a blast, even though when the half-ers disappeared at mile 13, so did the majority of the sideline cheerleaders. (Half is not an option in San Diego.) Training can be a drag (as well as a source of some serious highs), but the race itself really is a thrill--running with so many people, seeing the city in new ways, and all the encouragement from the onlookers (who, In Lincoln, liked to lounge in lawn chairs along the course--and cheer) is incredibly energizing.

And there's still plenty of time to train. Bryant and I did it in just 13 weeks in 2004, and although I don't necessarily recommend it, it can be done. I did my first "long" run this weekend, 5 miles, and I'm already starting to remember what it feels like to live in a marathoner's body (including feeding it!). Prepare for this to occupy my thoughts (and blog) for the next four months.


Carissa J said...

Oh Ceri, congratulations! I'm not-so-secretly jealous. Running marathons is fabulous. :) Good luck on the training.

Cerise said...

Thanks, Carissa! Any word on when you'll be back to racing?

Jefu and Mari said...

good luck on the training...marathons are not so much fun when you dont do that:) san diago sounds great and im sure the music will be a welcome distraction.
i think it is funny is when people say, "that's cool they give you a free shirt." $70, months of training when you would rather be sleeping and 26.2 miles does not equal free in my mind:) im excited to hear about it all...say hi to bryant for me.