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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A series of non-disasters

I gave a pre- sentation in seminar tonight. Not all of my animations worked, but I got very positive feedback. "That was the most beautiful PowerPoint presentation I have ever seen in my life," a fellow presenter said. (I told him I couldn't operate a slide projector.)

I made a Mexican pizza, with a crust of 100% whole wheat flour. A little chewy, but tasty.

I made oatmeal cookies and ran out of brown sugar, but substituted molasses and white sugar, and they turned out maybe even better than usual.

The fractious wings for my faerie costume actually turned out nicely sparkly and wearable (and even looked more like wings than legs).

Annie Sprinkle was on campus yesterday, and her lunch with the grads, evening lecture, and later workshop all went extremely well, especially considering the fact that when she was in Ohio a decade ago, apparently she had picketing protesters.

And, finally, the best non-disaster of all: I passed my comps! With an average of just over 92/100 across the four segments of the exam, I also (barely) got the distinction of honors.

Will I rename the 'Kitchen? Let's not be presumptuous.


Carissa J said...

Congrats on the passing of comps! Yay!

nancy said...

who is annie sprinkle? why would she be picketed?

Ellen said...

why don't you give us the link to annie sprinkle's web site?

Cerise said...

Annie Sprinkle is a performance artist who comes from a rather explicit background. If you haven't heard of her, you may not want to Google her.

bryant said...

I didn't know who she was either.

Cerise said...

It's okay not to know!