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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Seminar night

"From the moment he is interested here in the work of art, Heidegger insists and makes his question more precise: does this (dominant) form-matter complex have its origin in the being-thing of the thing or else in the being-work of the work and in the being-product [with the participation of man, it is understood, whence the temptation to take this matter-form complex to be the immediate structure of the thing] of the product?"

Aaargh. Derrida makes me want to gnaw my elbow.

I took this picture from my bike on my way to seminar. You can tell I was running late because of the speed at which the trees are moving.


bryant said...

Look out! Those trees are fast.

Daniel said...

I love gnawing my elbow. So delicious.