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Thursday, October 20, 2005

"Qui il futuro è già domani..."

Today, as if to celebrate the five-week anniversary of me taking my comps, Alex (who teaches graphic design and shares an office with Ruthy) came into the ARC while I was working and said, "I heard you did really well on your exams!"

"You did?" I said. "Because I didn't hear that..."

"Oh!" she giggled, "Never mind!" and shot out the door.

I saw all three of the professors today, and none of them mentioned anything. I do know, thanks to harassing Andrew two weeks ago, that I got 94/100 on the image ID section. So maybe I'll get the full results tomorrow... yeah, tomorrow.

I've more or less stopped thinking about it, but now that it's been so long, I think I will definitely be justified in a huge celebration, untempered by any proximity to the earlier celebrations of the exams simply being over.

Maybe I'll... take myself to a movie! Party on!


nancy said...

let me know the minute you hear anything.

Cerise said...

Of course I will!