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Friday, October 14, 2005

"It's Friday night, and I feel all right..."

Dinner was not a disaster. It almost was. I burned the vegetables a little bit; I browned the garlic for the alfredo sauce; and I realized I'd picked up Kroger's "Italian mix" cheese, rather than the nearly-identical-looking mozzarella, by mistake, but not until I threw a handful into my sauce and it instantly assumed the consistency of, say, taffy. But everything actually worked out fine and was delicious, which figures, since I was the only one eating.

What was a bit of a disaster was my little craft project. My friend Carolyn is throwing a big Halloween party at her house next weekend, costumes required. I was completely uninspired about the whole thing (kegs and Jell-O shots never having been my scene) until I realized that I could wear my sparkly silver dress, attach wings, and be a fairy. I haven't dressed up for Halloween in approximately forever, so it seemed like fun. Naturally, I would make my own wings--and naturally, there are instructions on the internet.

So I bought my 16 gauge silver wire, 3X pantyhose, glitter and glue, and got to work, starting by forming a wire armature. Unfortunately, that's as far as I got. When I pulled the leg of hose over the first wing, my carefully crafted armature immediately assumed the shape of, logically, a leg. It refused, despite all my bending, twisting, and maneuvering, to resume wing shape, so I had to abandon the project temporarily. Heavier gauge wire should solve the problem--but not tonight.


bryant said...

Don't eat to many Jello shot's. Leg shaped wings will not get you home safely.

Cerise said...

Oh no no... I'm much more interested in looking sparkly than getting plastered. As I said... not my scene.

nancy said...

Your account of making angel wings makes me happy that I didn't try to make them for Maddy. April found a pair online for her to wear for the wedding. Did you hear that Chris wanted to get a zip line from REI for Maddy to slide in on?

Cerise said...

April did mention a zipline. That's hilarious!