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Friday, October 28, 2005

"'Cause I've made my mind up..."

Well, it's official... I've accepted the two classes at Lourdes for next semester. I talked to the chair of the department last night while I was on campus giving my midterms, and she's delighted that I'll be teaching them: the Art of the Western World distance learning class (which I've been teaching this semester), and History of Women Artists. The latter meets once a week at the Sandusky campus, about an hour's drive from here, and includes mileage reimbursement.
Erin gave me three folders of slides for History of Women Artists last night, which I'll need to either scan (or Google-image where possible) for my lectures/discussions. I like PowerPoint presentations so much better than slides--and that way, I can take the images with me when I'm done. Of course, if it proves to be too much of a time issue, I can always break down and just show the slides.

So taking the job (and staying in Ohio) was a very difficult decision. It may become increasingly difficult, when the darkness starts in earnest (daylight savings ending always comes as a major blow) and it gets colder and I'm not in California. Erin actually mentioned these jobs when I very first met her to get the details on the class I'm teaching now, and I said something along the lines of, "Oh, too bad I'll be in California next semester!"

But this seems like the thing to do. The experience will be invaluable (personally and for my CV/PhD applications); I'll have ready access to my thesis resources (professors included); I won't have to make a mad dash coastward in order to give my final exam here and still make it to Seattle for April's wedding in December (I'll fly rather than drive); and I'll still be able to make it to California for a few gasps of sunshine, family, and boyfriend during the long winter months.

Thanks to all of you who offered advice, wisdom and prayers on the matter: please don't stop! I'll need them to make it through another winter here.


bryant said...

I'll miss you.

Ellen said...

wow, i didn't think you would actually stay. the SHOCKER of the semester.