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Monday, August 01, 2005

Bowling Green: The Tour

Ellen got the whirlwind tour since she was only in B.G. for a combined total of about 30 hours (at least eight of those, asleep). Saturday we hit most of my favorites (and some news ones), commencing and concluding with my place, and including, in the order visited:

1. Brittney's apartment, to pick up a bike
2. City Park
3. Various historic districts
4. My favorite house in BG, the old brick one with the deck on top of the garage and the big trees
5. The Slippery Elm bike trail (to Rudolph)
6. The Quarry swimming area -->
7. Downtown B.G. (Diversity Boutique, Finder's, even the Beartooth posers, who are generally surly but seem to have made an exception)
8. The Wood County Public Library
9. Squeaker's
<-- (I had the tofu wrap and Ellen had the vegan meatball sub) 10. Myles' Dairy Queen (which didn't make Ellen throw up!)

11. Campus and the art building
12. My apartment
13. Cucina di Betta
14. Video Spectrum
15. Byron's apartment (next door to mine, but less cool (though equipped with a VCR))

We didn't go into Grounds for Thought (despite its high rank on my favorite places list) until Sunday morning, when we got coffee for the road back to Dayton, concluding the whirlwind tour. I'd say it was a decent time, and we didn't even hit Toledo, the (s)mall, or any backyard barbecues (slow week for those, I guess).

So keep that in mind next time you're on the road between... say... Chicago and New York City. Or... Cincinnati and Detroit. Bowling Green, Ohio: not to be missed.

And speaking of missed... here is what happens when you (a) wash your hands after applying sunscreen and (b) attempt to apply it to your own back:


Ellen said...

the picture of your back turned out really that it looks horrible.

Angela said...

i am absolutely tempted to go to bowling green now. i'm impressed with how much you squeezed in. hopefully ellen will still have energy for beanbags on thursday night. thanks for the tip on sunscreen application as well. who knew hands burn? and i will always ask a cute boy to slather my back....or a trustworthy girlfriend.

Cerise said...

Please come visit me in B.G., Angela! We have plenty of sunscreen and... cute boys... Or at least sunscreen!